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How to make Decent income online with out investment
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Hai friends,

I am going to tell you how to make a decent income from internet with out any investment. There are Paid to click websites ( there you can earn a decent income from home working online. You can earn daily $500 (Rs.25000) or more by doing this program. I made it simple for you,

Step 1 - Open an account in Paypal and Alertpay - Its free to join. paypal and alertpay are Online banking account. you can receive money from online to paypal or alertpay account. From these accounts you can send directly to you bank account. Any doubt contact me : I am happy to answer you.

Step 2 - Join all these sites. click here to see the sites, By clicking the banner or name site will open -Its free to join. And click all the ads daily. You will get money for this, you can withdraw money to your paypal or alertpay accout.

Step 3 - Inside the sites There is an option to rent referrals(nothing to do just a click only they will give rent referrals). As a free member for each of your add clicks you will get $0.01 and for your referral clicks you will get $0.005 and you can rent maximum of 400 referrals.There will be minimum 5+ ads .So if you have a 400 rent referrals you can earn $10 per day. You can join as many as sites as you can from my list -

Step 4 - From the earned money upgrade your free membership(Dont want to pay you can use the earned money from the site). As an upgraded member you will get daily 10+ adds to click. For each of your click you will get $0.01 and Your referrers click you will get $0.001. You can rent a maximum of 2000 referrals. So you will get $0.01*10*2000 = $200/per day. Join as many sites as you can. If you can join 10 sites and click all the ads daily you can earn $200*10=$2000 daily.

If you have any doubts regarding this email me at I am happy to help you..

If you have any doubt about how to earn visit here:

Click daily and earn..

Be an active clicker and Earn Money. I am getting $1000 daily. I started only 7 months back with 28 PTC sites. It is a proven method. if you have any doubts contact me at:

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